Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Friends

I am trying to get out of my shell a little bit. Today I saw my friends that I haven't seen in a little bit. I was great. But i don't think one of my friends was really into it. She left after like an hour and a half. Why? Who knows. We were doing what she wanted to do by watching this Japanese series which was cool but her brother came by and we wanted to do something else. But now that we weren't doing what she wanted then she's like okay I got to go now? Why? after like 2 years of not seeing each other! But My guy friend kept in touch at least but she was MIA for a while. So I was really happy to see her. Then she tried to lie and say "well I have stuff to do though". But she said this after we asked her to stay for a bit. Like she made it up so she wouldn't have to stay. Her brother said from the door "at 4:30 I have to pick up my mom". He's not lying but she came up with it like when we wanted to do something else. It's really childish but she's the oldest out of all 4 of us!!! I love her and all it's just that have some variety! All she wants to do is watch anime, talk about anime, and look at drawings of anime shows!!! Come on Dude! 2 Years and this is all you want to do?!